Song Ci Of “fear Castle” Psychological Tendency

September 24, 2016

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Since ancient times, Chinese scholars like climbing for Fu, Ran Song Ci was generally have a “fear CASTLE” psychological tendency: people in the word or words with “fear”, “Mo,” “off”, “cowardly” for direct expression of the words , or “dangerous” image euphemism revealed. The reason was mainly due to “CASTLE prone to worry,” the objective of situation and personality characteristics of the Song due to their depression.

Not difficult to see directly above or in the words of “fear” and “cowardly” word to express the poet ascends the building feel; or, “Mo”, “off” and described the tone of warning-type character psychology. In short, the “fear CASTLE” inner emotion is all too clear. And whether to send the word graceful words of people who still Haofang Pai, but also whether it is also the heroine of the word hero, when this kind of psychological feelings are revealed. Visible. “Fear Denglou” almost became a popular poet in Song Dynasty with the psychological characteristics.

So, Song Ci why there is such “fear CASTLE” psychological tendency to it? This Chinese literati have always loved climbing habits are not mutually contradictory? The reason is as follows:

Furthermore, it often is in daily life of the farewell feast, and thus likely to create separation of the sadness and the pain of Acacia. More importantly, the building itself bears historical vicissitudes of the cultural connotations. As the “pavilion is the most magnificent ancient architecture in China of a tall building type, the same time, it is also a very artistic appeal of the building type.

Moreover, with the development of social and pavilion buildings, pavilions and people all over the home marketplace, various towers, city building, tower, song building, restaurant, etc. where they stand, a number of monasteries, Taoist temples and scenic spots, have built considerable body mass, shape strange and beautiful pavilion building. However, with the passage of time, the history of changes, most of the pavilion has been destroyed, left no doubt be turned into historical monuments, bearing a long history of vicissitudes and become the witness of history: they not only witnessed the past glory, era also witnessed the turnover and decline. Then people will have the occasion in the CASTLE deep thought, often visit the ancient view the present, past injury to recover, nameless melancholy will remember with affection.

Of course, even though the Song Dynasty poet generally has a “fear CASTLE” psychological characteristics, but it does not mean they do not like Denglou, “Love CASTLE” is a popular text external behavior, and “fear CASTLE” is the act way resulting inner emotional experience, precisely because people like Denglou Song Dynasty, to appear afraid CASTLE emotional experience, so the two are not contradictory.

In short, “one ascends the building to students worry about” the objective of situation and personality of depression resulted in the Song Dynasty poet “fear CASTLE” psychological tendencies. Or use the word “fear”, “Mo,” “off”, “cowardly” and other words to direct expression, or “dangerous” image revealing euphemism, Song Ci to fear CASTLE vividly mental performance, so that we further glimpse into a side that the sentimental poet in Song Dynasty, “the word heart”, but also enhance the Song of sentimental meaning.

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