Stencils: Getting the Larger Picture on Traffic and Parking Signs

September 24, 2016

Message Picture


Traffic and parking stencils on large open spaces capture the immediate attention of vehicle users. These convey a message as to what the next action of the drivers would be. Like traffic and parking signs, traffic and parking stencils also have the same function of directing drivers what to do but only on a larger and dimensional scale.

Traffic stencils painted on the roads and streets read as, “STOP,” “RIGHT LANE,” “SCHOOL ZONE” and “CHILDREN CROSSING.” These prepare the drivers from a distance to yield at a specific area before they continue driving on. Since directions and commands from the traffic signs can only be read when a vehicle is few feet away, the traffic stencils are composed of letters large enough to be seen even from a good, 30 yard distance away.

Another type of traffic stencils are the arrow signs. There are four kinds of arrow signs. These are the:

· Bidirectional Arrow- tells drivers what movements (straight, left, right, etc.) are allowed in a specific lane or between lanes.

· Straight Arrow- indicates a one way flow of traffic.

Preferential Lane Symbol- lane is ending ahead and traffic should move out of the lane into an adjacent lane that continues. Ex: Bus stops ahead

· Freeway, Expressway and Ramp Arrow- seen on roadways or ramp, especially to warn drivers that they should not enter a roadway or ramp in the wrong direction.

Parking stencils are also used for immediate parking identification among drivers, especially those who are handicapped. Handicapped parking spaces have the handicapped symbol painted on the pavement for easier recognition for drivers of vehicles with handicapped permits.

Other parking stencils read as “PARKING,” “NO PARKING” “RESERVED PARKING” and “FIRE LANE.” Fire lanes only allow fire trucks to use them. Fire hydrants are the main features of these lanes and fire fighters use them in putting out flames or other combustible elements. Common vehicle parking is strictly prohibited due to possible fire emergencies in the area. Common parking in these lanes can cause delays during unexpected emergencies; hence, casualties and damages arise. Towing and paying fines are applicable for parking in these lanes.

Big stencils on pavements are the surest way of conveying traffic and parking messages to drivers. These stencils make them prepared and alert for what lies ahead on the road. Getting the larger picture from these signs will always be a success in conveying the simplest traffic and parking rules.



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