Taking A Closer Look At The Wonderful Wurlitzer Jukebox

September 24, 2016

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It is interesting to note how the Wurlitzer Jukebox came into existence. Jukeboxes have been a part of the lives of many Europeans and Americans for a lot of years. It is difficult for some to not have one around to play the music of their choice.

The music playing machines became popular in the United States mainly in the 1930s. The word juke itself comes from an African-American word jook or juke meaning to dance. The earlier jukeboxes were not too famous because of their inability to run on electricity as none of them had been developed to work on electricity. The first one that came into extensive use was made in 1928. The so called Swing era got the whole jukebox music started and the trend continued through the 1940s, 1950s through the 60s till the rock and roll era.

Wurlitzer happened to be one of the most common names of those times but its popularity was only enhanced by many variations that were made to it in the subsequent years. The 1015-Bubbler is known to be the most popular model. There are others which have now become vintage jukeboxes but in the 40s they were the most sought after music playing machines. The Rudolph Wurlitzer Company was the one which manufactured them at that time. Their most attractive models were manufactured by their designer named Paul Fuller.

There are a great variety of Wurlitzers available in the market even today. Some are for the collectors to buy and others are for people who want to play continuous but selective music in their leisure time. Having a jukebox in one corner of the living room is quite a fantasy or rather a dream many people have. It is possible to fulfill that dream now. The latest models can be found from 1988 to 1997. Some of them can play around 50 to 60 CDs and there are other models which can play 120 CDs. Princess OMT is one of the models which can play 120 CDs. It was manufactured in 1997.

With a 100 CD playing model, around 2500 combinations of songs are possible. This means that you can choose from a whole collection of 2500 songs. The outer style and finish of them are excellent. They are so elegant that you are immediately transported to the rock and roll era while you are still listening to the music from it. Wurlitzer Jukeboxes have bubble tubes which seem to dance along with the beat and also have color cylinders which rotate constantly. Indeed they were made with some very intricate designs that never fail to impress visitors. The whole look of this make of jukeboxes is simply fabulous.

The modern Wurlitzer Jukebox comes with a coin system which is electronic and is also accompanied by a remote control which can be operated to choose the song you want to play. There are a number of excellent in built speakers and more speakers can be added to enhance the effect. Some of them are made with Ebony wood and there are others which can be mounted to the wall at home or your place of work.  Most of the Wurlitzers come with a one year warranty.

The Wurlitzer jukebox is so popular that you can now find new models built in the style of Wurlitzer. Click on http://jukeboxjive.co.uk to find a selection of the best music machines.

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