Television Comedies You Shouldn’t Miss

September 24, 2016

TV Comedy

Everyone loves a good laugh and with good reason.  Medical science has shown that laughter is quite literally good medicine.  As it turns out, a good laugh helps boost the immune system. That can, in turn, mean that we are better equipped to fight off colds and flu’s.  But this fact is even more important than it might seem for a stronger immune system can serve to fight off all sorts of disease and even cancer.  

A strong immune system is a vital component in good health.  Thus, a good laugh might just be exactly what you need not just to feel better emotionally, but physically as well.  Let’s take a look at some of the funnier shows on television.

Extra points need to be given for consistency and longevity.  Being funny isn’t easy, just ask any class clown.  At the core of any good comedy is sharp, witty and consistent writing.  Shows such as The Office and 30 Rock are excellent examples of programs that have been funny year after year, largely due to sharp writing.  After all, your writing better be sharp if your entire show takes place in a very boring looking office space!

Quality writing is also at the heart of shows such as 30 Rock, which have carved out a place in the world of the television sitcom by trying to be different.  This is part of the reason that NBC, the network behind 30 Rock, stuck with the show long enough for it to find a consistent audience.

Of course, there are other comedies on television that focus on a more mature audience, such as Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Weeds.  These shows may deal with more adult themes but there is no doubting that there humor can be highly effective all the same.

Today production companies are putting more work into their comedies than in prior years.  While you can still find the “old-school” sitcom filmed on one or two sets, today’s best sitcoms put more work into their production values.  This, of course, means that there is more to appreciate when watching these comedies on Blu-ray or the Dish Network.

As the satellite television market grows there needs to be someone to keep track of all packages and services that satellite TV and other companies offer and that’s what Darren Hamels does.

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