The Mentality Of Revenge

September 24, 2016

Rape And Revenge Film

Revenge is one word for the desire to get even and it is an act of reciprocating another individual’s actions negatively for getting ashamed or hurt. Sometimes revenge is just done out of one’s desire to make another person feel shame in the same as he made one feel it. Some people get revenged at even without knowing that they have done something wrong to others.
There are a number of reasons as to why individuals try to find revenge but one thing that is common to all of these reasons is that one seeks to bring back or gratify his pride as his goal after having to suffer humiliation and disgrace. A part of one’s self, emotionally or physically, got hit and the dominating feeling to compensate and gratify this is to do something against the aggressor.
The individual may feel that he is unjustly suffering and that he should not have been in a bad position right now if only fair dealings were used and thus he feels angry or envious to another individual. A simple gesture of action that by any means was not intended to harm anyone at all can be the cause of this and a more obvious cause for this would be a deliberate nag that was received or a forced hit to another person’s body.
When somebody feels seemingly inferior to someone who has more power or better conditions especially when the other individual attained it in dishonest ways, he tends to be dominated by the desire to get revenge because of being powerless over the other. This emotion is even made stronger when others are in the same situation and in a lower position and the person feels sorry for it.
The individual may be so sensitive when it comes to fighting for honor not just of themselves but also of others such as his relatives, his affiliation, or his friends and so when another person stamps on their honor, the attacked individual will be very vulnerable to get indignant about it.
People get revenge in many ways and it differs for each person because it depends on the situation that somebody is facing and it also greatly depends on the attitudes of one individual as to how he sees and deals with things. All of these ways are all done to compensate for and build up back a destroyed self-worth or pride.
somebody can get revenge by letting another individual experience or feel the same way just as he made the individual feel and experience in order to teach the other individual a lesson. a person can also get revenge by punishing another individual for the things that he has done to make him learn his lesson. Letting another individual feel embarrassed especially for making up stories is also another way to get revenge by telling another side of the story or the actual story along with other means to attest to the truthfulness and credibility of it.
The best form of revenge though, as famous quotations go, is forgiveness and living well even after getting shamed or hurt. This is because it’s only through these that the individual attacked will feel genuine peace and it shows a good side of an individual which creates a good image for others.

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