The Reality Of Reality Shows

September 24, 2016

Reality TV

Reality shows are the new buzz words for television channels. With ratings being the only parameter for television shows, television channels are riding the bandwagon of reality shows which have hooked the audience to a large degree. If you see the history of the reality show it started with music shows, then to dance and now we have the most weirdest shows like marriages on TV shows. The very absurdity of the show ensures the young and the old switching the channel to have a glimpse of the show to see it it is worth watching. The dramatics of the show ensures that the audiences are captivated and enthralled by the antics of the participants.

This make us question whether it is really happening or is it staged? The more bizarre the happening the more we think that there is a possibility of it being staged. I believe that the reality of the show depends on which format it has chosen. If it is a music contest or a dance content the staging of the performance cannot happen or is minimized but the histrionics is staged. You see fights between the judges happening on which performance is good. It is human nature that two experts may have difference of opinion but their very tenure in the industry it is imperative for them to attain maturity; to respect each others wishes. But the fights on the show clearly show that to increase the ratings there are few judges who are willing to cross over to the drama domain while some of them refrain from it. The feeling is strong that primarily such judges are picked for their histrionics capability. It is the human relationship reality shows like a celebrity marriage or exchanging mother or doing a sting operation on your partner to do a loyalty test; all these at times seem too far fetched. The feeling of the reality show being staged is very strong here.

Of course with an overdose of anything the public loses interest and we can see this happening currently so there are some shows which do not resort to these gimmicks and have started keeping them clean and real. So we have all kinds of reality shows but the majority of them seem staged.

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