The Reality of Virtual Power

September 24, 2016

Reality TV

When the Arab regime in pushing Quebec and promote public demonstration al-jazeera television wave struggled, while American diplomats are understanding to wikipedia leak website enormous power, one thing is obvious, it is in this global information age, we need a more profound understanding of how in the world political power is in operation.

During the two power transformation

And this is also The author in new book, “Power” (The Future of Future of Power) want expressed The opinion. The 21st century is on two about power transformation – one is power transfers, another kind is the spread of power. The former means the power from a dominant nation transferred to another in history that had a common, while the latter is a relatively new process. Today all countries our Shared problems, it is more and more things happen is that they don’t handle, even for the most powerful countries, too.

In power transfer, people will be too much to waste in the American recession imaginary, and often with the history of Britain and compared to the Roman empire. But Rome in notes to reach the peak power after three centuries more still remained dominant position, it may not fall in another country rises, but in many among the savage tribes of multiple under attack to perish.

In fact, relative to those predicted China, India or Brazil will be in the next few years overwhelm America’s modern rhetoric, the real threat from the fact that the contemporary ManYi “and non-national participants. In this lack of network security of informatization in the world, “power diffusion” than “power transfer” threat is bigger.

So in the 21st century, the global information age of power use mean? Which some resources to produce power?

This every age has their own answers. In the 16th century, the Spanish colonial and gold without relying on the control prevailed, In the 17th century Dutch criterion from trade and financial cuhk won the benefit, The 18th century France with the huge population and the army pulls ahead, And the British in the 19th century by industrial and navy is guided by the construction method.

Traditional concept that those with the most powerful military strength country will win the advantage. But in the information age, the real winners are those most story-teller countries (or non-national tissue). Now already no reliable means enough to measure strength paleolimnologic parties, let alone how to develop in this new world in survival strategy ensures success.

The information age power diffusion

Most with global balance of power conversion related predictions have mainly based on an index: in countries in the development of GDP forecast. But this method also ignores other aspects of power, such as military hard power and the soft power of things, not to mention the two factors integration successful strategies for national policy of difficulty.

Although the state remains the leading actor on the international stage, but they will find this stage is becoming increasingly crowded and hard to control. The unprecedented large population will be through the dissemination of information and get the chance to use its power.

Governments never to the flow of information and control anxieties unceasingly, actually this is not the first to be information technical revolution strong shock of age. And the new content – as we are currently in the Middle East see — is accelerating and information communication technology to many participants empowerment of the facts.

The present some people call it “the third industrial revolution” is based on the information age of computer, communication and the software of rapid development, which led to the creation, processing, launch and search all the information cost slowed sharply. And this is means of international politics will no longer be the government’s patents.

With the computer and communications, a decline in the cost of the threshold also unceasingly reduced. Including enterprise, non-governmental organization that terrorists, individual and private groups are so endowed with direct participation in international political power.

Dissemination of information means power will be more widely distribution, and informal networks will weaken the traditional bureaucracy organization of monopoly. Internet speed means all government would give their todo arrangement has less control. Political leaders of the degrees of freedom will decrease, and must be in a short time to respond to all sorts of affairs, and all kinds of participants with more and more common for the crowd’s ears.

What can we learn from American policymakers preoccupation with Middle East mess events are found in it. The collapse of the Tunisian regime has its deep root, but its outbreak of time is up to the outside world, including the U.S. government) unprepared. Some observers will accelerate the revolution erupted attributed to push, and wikipedia leak website.

Therefore Obama government formulated in Egypt and yemen policy was in trouble. In yemen, ali abdullah · salih regime in coping with attached to the card of terrorist groups in Iraq threat provided an extremely important assistance. In Egypt, Robert huth, mubarek’s rule, help ease the israeli-palestinian conflict and against Iran in the area of influence. The bush administration too simple to implement democracy in Iraq and gaza have caused a ills, gaza’s election and even cause a hostile hamas government come on stage.

In the information age, wise policy both hard and soft virtousity two strength. Considering the position of the United States at present, Obama government cannot oversight of democracy, freedom and openness of the soft power of the thing.

So Mr Obama with U.S. secretary of state condoleezza Hillary Clinton (rare pull li) through public and private pipeline called on Egypt and the Arab world spread to change, also requires all parties involved refrain from violence. Besides facing Egypt regime restrictions behavior, they would stand in the maintenance of information freedom position.

In the Middle East to still is unknown, but today in the age of information, maintenance of obtaining information freedom will become qiao strength (smart power) important component.

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