The Shifting Winds of the Psychological Current

September 24, 2016

Psychological Thriller

Filming BBC psychological thriller “Exile” starring John Simm in Ramsbottom
Psychological thriller
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Paradigmatic shifts of the psychological current seem to occur in correlation with large changes in physical reality.  These changes usually signify the movement of culture, such as with the industrial revolution, offering us great enlightenment ideals whilst breeding secondary losses such as anxiety and depression.  Currently, with the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, which is quite possibly the worst manmade disaster this planet has suffered, the winds of change again seem to be blowing through the minds of the populous, this time in the guise of the green initiative.

These external events not only inspire new thoughts in the minds of progressive thinkers, but tend to help the majority catch up to the trail of these pioneers.  Cultural transformation, societal evolution, and economic disaster all tend to propel the minds of men forward as they attempt to respond and adapt to these paradigm shifts.  Technological advancements, military conflicts, adjustments to religious thinking, adoptions of new legislation… The conservatives flail and grasp at every receding tradition as each generation develops their minds in a new psychological climate.

A most obvious example of this phenomenon is the continual waning of various forms of bigotry.  From racial intolerance and prejudice concerning religious beliefs to bias against sexual orientation, the psyche of the people continues to accommodate the contemporary.  Soon it will be argued that those of us who arise from and contain an artificial intelligence should suffer inequalities in rights, such as marriage, on the grounds that, although their digital love is indistinguishable from organic affection, they “in fact” do not have souls.  But this too shall pass…

A curious anomaly is presently occurring.  The masses are now aware of the Mayan’s cyclical view of time and the resetting of their calendar upon the winter solstice of 2012.  Much speculation and allegation has been spewed forth by the uneducated and the capitalizing popular media, however the topics of these arguments will not cause the supposed consciousness shift.  No, it will not be some galactic event, synchronistic alignment, or extraterrestrial intervention.  Not these topics of argument, but the arguments themselves will cause a shift in the psychological current.  As any self-fulfilling prophecy should, a self-referencing will justify the shift.  As the time approaches, a psychic supercriticality will be attained and the seeds planted by the anticipation will bloom regardless of the external changes.  This time, the psychological shift will lead the outer world, instead of the slow and reciprocal dance of the previous iterations.  This alteration is of a new type, a meta-paradigm shift.  A winds of change themselves are changing.  This is the sound of one hand clapping.


For more information on psychological thought, past and present, such as the idea of contrapasso, please visit Jared B. Hobbs at his blog Meditations and become a Scholar of Consciousness!


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