The Swish Arthouse Studio has Launched The Swish Mini Phone

August 9, 2014

Arthouse Action Film

There are two speed dial numbers, simply press 1 or 2 to get straight through to your loved one, no need for the end user to press any keys! Receive calls from anywhere in the world. The Swish Mini Phone will switch over to loud speaker mode when making or receiving calls. The Swish Mini Phone also has an SOS Panic Button and when pressed, will continuously call and text all numbers for help along with the GSM base station information. The Swish Mini Phone is neat and discreet; it can be easily worn around the neck. A built in Mic to listen in Worldwide! Free SIM card and set up! No Monthly Bills! No Contract! No Silly Limited Range! Manual and extras in a neat box!The Swish Easy Senior Phone is the perfect complement to The Swish GPS Tracker; The Swish Easy Phone is a new mobile phone that senior citizens can customize for convenience and ease of use. The Swish Easy Senior Phone is for emergency purposes and to simply communicate with family and friends. Press the emergency SOS button and The Swish Easy Phone will automatically call your family, friends, your local doctor and the emergency services. The Swish Easy Phone has a large raised keypad! The Swish Easy phone has amplification sound for the hard of hearing! A big bright large LED display screen! A built in flashlight! A hearing aid! A built in speaker radio! No monthly Fees! No contract! Free SIM. The Swish GPS Tracker protects persons with Alzheimer’s, Autism, Dementia, Down Syndrome You ring the Tracker and it will return the exact location of the person in distress or living alone. There are no monitoring fees, no monthly fees, no call charges in fact, no fees what so ever! We set up the Swish GPS Tracker, The Swish Easy Senior Phone and The Swish Mini Phone for you and a comprehensive user manual is all part of the purchace price. The Swish Tracker and Swish Easy Phone all come in a stylish box packed with extras! See our Facebook for media reviews and photographs.

The Swish Arthouse Studio is home to unique products and services that are community driven and future proof

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