The True Romantic

September 24, 2016

Romantic Thriller

I always thought women loved to be taken out to dinner and love to receive flowers and chocolates. These were the ideas of romance which I grew up with, I blame Hollywood and old fashioned parents. One thing I have learned recently, boy was I wrong.

The romantic formula described above may have been a great concept long ago, but that was way back when it was an original idea. At this point in history, one man put some thought into his date, and was the first to take a woman to dinner, buy her flowers and chocolates.

Its funny that after so many generations, the concept of dinner and flowers is still the standard when it comes to romance. Which is quite strange when you think about it. I mean, in an age of abundance, dinner out just isn’t special anymore. Its just what we do. We eat out with friends, with business associates, its a part of everyday living.

Flowers are the same, they are a common gift. We use them at funerals, to say good bye and welcome home, at births, birthdays and anniversaries. They are the gift you give when you can’t be bothered thinking before you buy.

So what is romance then in today’s age of abundance. To be honest, I’d argue it never has changed, to get it right, all we need to do is drop our pre-conceived ideas about it and start thinking.

Romance is about thought and effort. Its about understanding your partner and creating an experience that is just about her, one that will make her feel special. It is only in the understanding of your partner that you can create such an experience, so that’s where it all starts.

For example, a drive to the beach for fish and chips with a candle and a picnic rug could make your date way happier than a gourmet feast at an expensive restaurant. This assumes of course you have done your work and know she likes fish, driving and sand between her toes.

So shut your mind to your preconceived ideas about romance and start listening to your woman. It should all start there. What you do on a date is not nearly as important as to how you came up with the idea. All the experience needs to do to be romantic, is show you lady that you are thoughtful and focused on her needs. Its that simple.

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