The Wildly Popular Smallville TV Series

September 24, 2016


There have been many television series made about Superman, but none are as loved as the Smallville TV series. This series ran from 2001 to 2010 with a very large following of devoted fans. The show was shown on the WB network and is usually on in the primetime slot. This show also airs in Canada where the same popularity was found.

When the WB network aired the Smallville series it was one of the most popular shows the network ever produced and this added to the success of the WB network. Over 8 million people tuned in for the pilot and this started this series off with a bang. The show never lost this popularity and many people still watch faithfully as the show continues to air older episodes.

The original Superman television show featured an older Superman and it was solely based on fighting crime and getting the bad guys. The next series featured Lois and Clark and Superman was still an older character with many romantic episodes featuring the relationship of Lois and Clark. With Smallville the series shows Superman as a young boy and shows the hardships that he faces while growing up and dealing with his powers. This is a much different take on Superman and makes many people feel as though they know him better.

Tom Welling plays Clark Kent in Smallville and his rendition of Superman contributes to the success of the series. Welling was originally skeptical of playing the Superman character, but once he read the script, he was immediately in and wanted to play the role.

Erica Durance plays Lois Lane and she is a reporter that was summoned to Smallville by the supposed death of her cousin Chloe. Lois Lane enters the series during season 5 and is a regular until the final season. There are many other characters that contribute greatly to the show and are also very memorable. The show is made up of a team of very talented artists and this is part of the reason that Smallville was very popular until the end.

The Smallville TV series is one that will be remembered long after it is gone and many people look forward to the reruns and the DVD release of all of the episodes. With a stellar cast and a wonderful story line it created a winning combination that allowed a new generation to really learn about Superman.

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