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September 24, 2016

Trial Film

Here are a few reasons why I think Traffic Geyser is one of the most powerful marketing systems available. I have done this review of Traffic Geyser to answer some questions my clients have had about whether to invest in this system or not.

We can see already that video marketing is mainstream. Internet Marketers like Frank Kern and Mike Filsaime are using video to create desire for their products.

I follow all the internet marketing launches and I don’t think I have seen any this year which have launched without a series of videos to presell the launch. So much related to the video that Mike Koenigs has on his home page, there are kinds of videos that allow the person that is selling the course, to seem a lot more tangible and trustworthy.

Tools like Traffic Geyser are going to make it easy for businesses to publish their own web videos online.

Google loves video content. Since it rolled out universal search you will see video listings appearing on the first page for many searches, and the reason is Google wants to integrate different types of media in the search results. People can have an extremely great chance of getting video content you have a very good chance of getting it onto the first page of search results for any searches with less than 300,000 results. Being listed on the search results, is of course not the lone reason!

TrafficGeyser makes it simple to actually create the video, even if you have no experience with web video. Mostly, it is a simple push button system of marketing. I have been using Traffic Geyser myself for a few months now and here I will try and answer some concerns that you might have.

Can this just help me get backlinks to my site?
Yes – you can include your URL in the description which goes out when you publish your videos. As assorted sites display your videos, they will link back to your internet site.

Tell me what is Traffic Geyser, is it a Video distribution tool, or a instrument for video manufacture? Really, it could be utilizedfor both uses. However the video production tool is really a means of turning media such as powerpoint slides, or photos, into a video with a soundtrack. This is very useful if you are doing a product demo or selling real estate. You can simply upload your photos and use the online video production tool to create a short video, then phone in on your telephone number assigned to your account and do a voiceover explaining your product or video. Because you can set your video all over on the web, with a couple of clicks, this is where the function genuinely comes in handy.

Is quality of video important? It depends on whether you are trying to produce a documentary, or to market your business! Ask yourself what gets your attention. Is someone giving a merchandise demo or a testimonial, more interesting, or a professional looking video creation.

What I do is use Camtasia Studio to do a screen capture and use a webcam to inset my picture in one of the corners, then I upload this and use Traffic Geyser to get it visibility. However if you have more time you can buy a flip video camera and make

some simple videos of yourself explaining your product or service – then save to your PC and upload to Traffic Geyser.

Is there any point of distributing to so many social media sites? However, knowing that the more people that survey your video, the more that will hear your subject matter, and by doing this, you can reach out to many more people. Likewise, the larger the sum of internet sites that you use to put your video content on, the higher your search rankings will become.

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