Ventless Hoods in Tough Situations

September 24, 2016

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When kitchens are located in multi-story buildings or in basements where there is no access to a roof, hood cleaning companies recommend using ventless hood systems rather than vented ones.

Ventless hood systems eliminate the need for running ducts through buildings and onto roofs, or out the sides of buildings. Fire protection companies have installed Long Beach, CA fire alarm systems, as well as commercial kitchen hoods, for more than 20 years.

They began promoting ventless hoods to clients inquiring about their company’s hood sales services after encountering several instances recently where the ventless systems were the only options for some commercial cooking operations.

The most recent occurrence was in a multistory building in Los Angeles. A law firm that occupied several floors of the building had an area where food was prepared for employees. The local fire department cited them for the operation, stating that it violated fire and building codes to cook food in the facility without a kitchen hood.

There was no room anywhere to run a duct up to the roof or even out the side of the building because of where the facility was located within the building. Their only option was to go with a ventless hood system, because it’s the only legal way to have a fire-protected commercial hood in place that meets all existing building and fire protection codes.

The law firm’s representatives had been worried about how to resolve the issue and were relieved to learn that there was a viable option. Because the cooking equipment was electric and not gas, the ventless hood was possible.

A ventless hood system does not require a vent to remove smoke, fumes and steam from the air in a kitchen. Instead, the system uses a sophisticated filtering system to clean the air while it is recirculated. The system frequently has an electrostatic filter that collects particles by using gas or air to create an electric charge to attract the particles, similar to static electricity on clothing. Odors are eliminated with the use of a charcoal filter. When used together, the filters make a ventless hood nearly as effective as a vented hood. A UV package also can be added to the system, which disintegrates the grease.

This is a feature that environmentalists really like.

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