When Your Children Start the Independent Life at Colleges

September 24, 2016

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Being Away From Home for College is Scary Enough

When college students start the independent life, they must go by himself but still feel at least a little bit out of sorts. Even if they are not afraid of anything or not worried, they still miss Mom’s meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy Grandma’s apple pies next door and the local town hangout, be it an ice cream store, diner, or bowling alley. They will fell shocked when they will have to do their own laundry, wash their own car, a chore for gals (thank goodness for the drive through car cleaning!)

The other thing is, sometimes they are feeling a bit uncomfortable getting used to sleeping on a different bed, in a strange room, in an unfamiliar town. So, thank the stars that there are some great personal protection items which are perfect for college students, whether male or female. There is the door brace, which is a tubular, metal contraption that extends in a telescopic sort of way, and it wedges between the floor and just under the door knob. It would prevent the door from being pushed open, even IF it was somehow unlocked from the outside. The door brace would make an attempt at breaking in very difficult, if not impossible.
When not in the apartment or dorm room, the student can have their valuables, jewelry, or even cash, safely stowed away in a diversion safe. This is an object which resembles a popular brand product such as a can of hairspray, shaving cream, or even a food item such as fruit cocktail or mayonnaise. You would simply place the valuables or cash inside, close the diversion safe, and then put it in a place where it will not even be noticed by the roommate or the roommate’s friends.
Another great item to have is an electronic whistle which can be worn on a lanyard, or carried in the pocket, and if anyone were to attempt to jump out and annoy or rob a gal walking alone at night, she could simply press the button and the item would emit a loud noise that would certainly attract attention, as a cry for help!
Last, but certainly not least on the list of items that are important for every college student to have these days, would be a pepper spray, pepper foam, or pepper gel. These are three variations of the same type of products. The spray is a liquid form that shoots a stream of very hot liquid into the eyes and face of a would be attacker, and will certainly ruin his day. The gel or the foam are even more intense in heat, and they are both likely to cover the face completely, then the assailant will try to wipe the formula from his eyes but this will only make his suffering worse.
So, when your son or daughter is ready to go off to school, away from home, why not order them a few of these items, to help them be more comfortable? You’ll be more comfortable too!


Article Source: http://ezineseeker.com/?expert=Carleton_Cook

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