Why Slate Roofs Are the Best Type of Roofing Material for a Colonial Home

October 5, 2014

Colonial Cinema

Northern Virginia is renowned for its beautiful homes which look like they came right off the pages of home design magazines. Many Virginia homeowners actually pay special attention to details; the picture-perfect look includes beautiful front yards with manicured lawns, and solid, shingled roofs.

One of the most prominent home styles in Virginia is the American colonial home. Many people choose to live in this type of home because of its simple, albeit elegant structure that echoes a bygone era. Colonial-style homes were built during the early 1700’s, and refers to architecture common during the colonial period. The design types include French Colonial, Spanish Colonial, Dutch Colonial, and Georgian. A colonial home type is usually built using natural materials, such as wood and stone, used either on the sidings or roof. Sometimes, both materials are used along the sidings and the roof.

While many people love the authentic style of Colonial homes, some of them prefer opting for a different material for their home exterior. Fortunately these days, there are roofing companies that provide several roofing options for a Colonial home, such as wood, slate, or asphalt shingles. Many roofers, however, recommend using slate because of the material’s flexibility in terms of design.

Slate roofs come in a wide range of designs and colors, and are of two kinds: hard and soft slate. Hard slates can last anywhere from 75 to even 200 years, whereas soft slate might not last as long, but are made as durable as the other. Many Colonial-style homeowners prefer slate roofs and often consult roofing companies in Northern Virginia for more choices and options, and for installation. One of material’s assets is its design flexibility to mimic natural materials, which does not take away from its added benefit of durability and beauty. Its overall attractiveness complements the property’s architectural style.

Slates can also serve as ideal siding material for a colonial home. Slates can be combined in order to create a one of a kind design. There are many Northern Virginia siding companies that offer a myriad of slate design options; the possibilities are virtually endless.

Many people think that slate materials are the perfect type of roof for a colonial home, but it’s best to check out more options in design, color, and material, so consult the roofing companies in Northern Virginia. To learn more about slate roofs you can check out the following websites: ehow.com/how_6665825_clean-slate-roofs.html, inspectapedia.com/roof/slateroofs.htm, nytimes.com/2000/08/06/realestate/your-home-maintaining-slate-roofs-newoptions.html?pagewanted=all&src=pm, ehow.com/list_7349057_types-colonial-siding.html, slateroofcentral.com, and ehow.com/info_8116554_roofing-material-colonial-homes.html.

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