Why Your Business Must Take Advantage of Guerrilla Marketing

September 24, 2016

Guerrilla Filmmaking

In today’s harried economic environment small businesses must integrate a variety of marketing techniques such as guerrilla marketing campaigns to maximize their exposure, gain new customers and produce sales.

With traditional marketing channels such as newspaper ads and yellow pages declining, the future now holds low hanging fruit in the arenas of website marketing, web 2.0, guerrilla marketing , email marketing and the integration of cross channel promotions such as radio driving traffic to website, cable driving traffic to website and social media campaigns to drive traffic to your website.

The ultimate goal of getting your offline and online traffic to visit your website is to invite the prospect to take action. That action may be to sign up for your newsletter by way of receiving a report, receive special discounts or take a short ecourse about your product or service at no charge.

By so doing you have the opportunity to develop a relationship with the prospect who may become a buyer in the next week, the next month, or even a year from now. The point is that by properly asking them for their information and their conscious decision to provide it, they have invited you to send them the requested information. This is a powerful step in initiating relationships, and when done correctly, will result in new and repeat customers and sales.

A few advantages of guerrilla marketing efforts such as flyers, cards, banners, brochures, handouts, samples, press releases and promotional items is that they are inexpensive or no cost to implement and emphasize your presence in the local market.

McD’s may not give you a free hamburger but if you have a coffee shop you can issue a press release that on Tuesday you will give everyone who stops by a cup of Joe on the house

This will attract locals like crazy…when they do make sure that you invite them to visit your website to get coupons for more samples and discounts. At the site ask them to enter their name and email to receive the coupons…they will because they want more coffee!  Now you have the opportunity to tell the story of your coffee and business to the visitor and provide coupons for return visits. Your visitors will get to know and trust you and will become loyal and steady customers.

Put your thinking cap on and see what you can do locally. Your customer list will grow and your business will prosper.

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